Joining the Red Panda stock club by Ian Dunlap offers unparalleled insights and strategies from a seasoned expert, empowering members with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of the stock market with confidence.

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Red Panda Stock Deal Includes:

Red Panda Stock Deal Includes:

  • The blueprint on how to get rich in the market from investing in the stock market

  • The stocks to own for your retirement fund (hold for 5-10 years)

  • The 5 best stocks to invest in to get the biggest gains in your freedom account

  • The 3 new stocks to invest in if the market crashes

  • The 4 best etf’s to invest in for safety in your portfolio

  • Invites to interviews with Ian on shows like The Joe Budden podcast, Breakfast Club, Hot 97, daytime talk

  • shows and other podcasts.

  • A year of stock picks to invest in delivered immediately to you for the year

  • One 30 minute trading session per year with Ian and The Dreamteam🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 1 trading tip per month delivered from Ian on the stock club call

  • Unlimited access to the info during your membership for 730 days

  • Monthly review of 5 new stocks on the call

  • Invite for 10 people to mastermind with Ian on vacation😁😁

  • Invited to Red Panda Parties

  • The only place to get your questions answered for Market Mondays

  • How to stop fucking up your trades and overcome self sabotage







Mzuri Beauty

Mzuri Beauty

After what you told me. I am now up 100% on AMD, 40% on MSFT, 40% on TSLA & 21% on Apple. Thank you!

I'm up 24% you the man Ian thank you so much! 

I brought when you said, my average right now is 24k Thank you for all your tough love! 

I made 280k taking Ian advise. I honestly can't believe it. I stated in 2020

Also Includes:

Also Includes:

  • How to build your own “baby crystal ball” to know exactly where the market is going

  • My favorite short target for ES

  • Hot or not ratings on the top 100 stocks

  • My price target for your favorite stocks

  • The presentations from The Master Investor (one new per month)

  • The easiest tool / indicator to know where the market is going

  • 1 monthly live training each Saturday with Ian for 60 minutes

  • Our favorite 2 apps to use for investing

  • The easiest way to predict where the market is going in 5 years

The Number #1 Stock Club:

The Number #1 Stock Club:

  • My favorite international picks to invest in

  • The list of new trades to be in

  • New targets twice a year for ES and NQ

  • 2 year access to stock club and 5 year access to SNIPER

  • 3 marketing tips per month to help you double your business

  • The list of bargain stocks to invest in that are good investments

  • Favorite sites to analyze stocks in 1 minute (finbox, hypercharts, and

  • My top 10 personal finance lessons

  • Top 10 books of the month

  • Tips from interviews on on how millionaires built their wealth

  • Invite to Private Red Panda events

  • And a chance to be apart of the best investing group on the planet, The Red Panda Stock Club

Get 3 Years of Access 48hrs Only!

Get 3 Years of Access 48hrs Only!

  • 4 book recommendations that will change your life

  • Monthly review of the top stocks and where to buy them

  • The list of stocks not to buy detailed every month on the call

  • 1 lesson a month a month from Masters of Investing & Hedge Fund Managers

  • How to get rich from the stock market

  • The 3 best prices to buy our list of stocks from Ian’s crystal ball delivered to you every month

  • The 4 best stocks to hold long terms to hold long term that will allow you to build wealth for you and your

  • family.

  • The list of stocks to stay away from that will drain your account

  • 3 new lessons taught on the weekly call by Ian to give you an advantage in trading and investing.

  • The PRICES exactly where to get in and where to absolutely not buy

  • Invites to events with Jp Morgan, Investfest, and invites to chat and discuss strategies with Ian’s investing

  • friends

To Make this DEAL Even Better I've Include this: 

To Make this DEAL Even Better I've Include this: 

  • How to use 7.2.4 method to buy stocks on your own

  • Private invites to Red Panda events or events that Ian will be attending

  • 4 new episodes per month

  • 10 Insights per year from millionaires on how they built their wealth

  • The best price for where to buy crypto bitcoin, ethereum, and one other cryptocurrency.

  • Live taping of the show twice a year

  • Submit topics for Ian to cover on the stock club call

  • Red Panda movie🍿🎥night twice a year

  • You will be the first to receive an invite to the Red Panda🐼conference

  • My personal review of the TOP Mutual fund holdings and which ones to invest in

  • Review of the top holdings of Vanguard and Blackrock

  • How to use the warren buffett indicator to know where the economy is going

  • Political trading tracker: A monthly report of what politicians are trading and the best place of where to buy

  • so you can get bigger gains out from the market. (From gurufocus)

  • State of the US Market Indicator REVIEW once a month (Buffett indicator, Yield curve, inflation rate, Shiller